Eco friendly gift wrap options

A beautifully wrapped gift is one of the most time-honoured symbols of Christmas, but it comes at a cost.

Annually, shoppers in the United States spend $3.2 billion on wrapping paper, and here in the UK, we throw away enough wrapping paper to circle the globe nine times.

Much of the wrapping paper featured in shops is not recyclable and expensive, too. Save the planet this year by opting for eco-friendly options instead.

Here are a few suggestions:

Brown paper

Traditional brown paper is eco-friendly and surprisingly striking when tied simply with string. You can use the inside of an old paper shopping bag by turning inside out or buying a roll of recycled brown paper. To make the gifts more special, ask your grandchildren to decorate them with their own drawings, or tie a sprig of fresh greenery for an adult twist.


Wrap the gifts going to your family members using bits of fabric instead of paper – it offers a few big advantages. First, you can use old silk scarves, tea towels or ends of fabric from other sewing projects, meaning it’s virtually free. Second, fabric wrapping paper is ideal for those hard-to-wrap gifts that come in unusual shapes – particularly any toiletries that come in plastic bottles or bottles of wine and spirits.

Reuse wrapping paper

This Christmas, spend a few extra moments carefully peeling away the tape and unwrapping any gifts you receive, gently. You’ll be able to smooth and fold wrapping paper away to be used again later.


Newspaper can be a surprisingly striking choice – the black and white offer a beautiful contrast. Take it up a notch by using some red satin ribbon.

Do you have any suggestions for a more eco-friendly Christmas this year? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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