Making the switch to natural cleaning products

While today it seems like cleaning products can solve just about any problem, many people are becoming increasingly concerned about the potentially harmful chemicals being sprayed around your home.

Instead, more and more of us are looking for healthier, home-made alternatives to the usual chemical-laden products that sit on our shelves.

But do they really work as well as your usual supplies? Or do you have to sacrifice cleanliness for low cost and chemical free alternatives?

Go Natural

There are plenty of positive aspects about cleaning your home with natural products. Not only are they healthier for you and your family but they can also be an environmentally friendly alternative to the harsh products that usually clutter our cupboards. A tried and tested staple of any homemade cleaning supplies is the old favourite, baking soda.

Baking soda is a wonderful ingredient which will not only help your cakes to rise but will help you clean those tough cake pans whilst you’re at it. Try mixing baking soda with vinegar for an easy solution to many of your cleaning issues.

Another great use for your baking soda and vinegar combination is as a chemical free drain cleaner. Pour one cup of vinegar down your drain, followed by a cup of baking soda. Leave this for a few minutes then rinse with a cup of boiling water. This method can replace your expensive drain cleaner and put your mind at ease that no young children will be tempted by the colourful bottles that live under the sink or in the cupboards around your home.

Other useful solutions

To get rid of tough watermarks, try mayonnaise. A drop of olive oil and lemon juice will act as a chemical-free alternative to shoe polish, while corn starch is a useful ingredient to shampoo your carpets.

When it comes to cleaning with natural products – many of which will already be in your kitchen cupboard – there are plenty of options. You can also find some recipes online for some tried and tested methods to keep your house sparkling clean and free from harm.

Do you have any natural cleaning products you like to use?

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