How to Sell Your Car for the Best Price

Selling your car can be stressful, and sometimes the price you get for it doesn’t make all that frustration seem quite worth it. So, before you pin that “For Sale” sign in your passenger window, here’s how to get the best price for your car!

Know your car

The best buyer for your car will depend on precisely what sort of vehicle you’re selling. If it’s a vintage number, highly customised, or unique in any other way, then your best bet might be to hold out for a private buyer. They’re sure to pay a lot more than a dealer who may consider those same things detrimental to a car’s resale value.

Of course, finding a private buyer isn’t always smooth sailing. There’s lots of admin, lots of potential timewasting, and inviting internet strangers to the house. So, you may get the best price, but when you detract the value of your time, it may not seem quite worth it.

On the other hand, if you know your car isn’t likely to appeal to that many people due to being on its last legs, then maybe selling your car for scrap should be top of your list. It’s a great way to get some money for a vehicle that’s doing no more than collecting rust.

Check for fees

Being paid the best price and getting to keep all those funds intact are two different things. Plenty of instant car buyers will lure you in with promises of easy cash, but then hit you with transaction fees, or the added petrol needed to drive it to the dealership yourself. Read the small print and make sure you’re not having to pay to sell your car. This is doubly important for car buying sites because you’re unlikely to be given the best offer anyway, as these businesses always have one eye on resale markups.

Sell your car with Motorway

Motorway is a new way to sell your car that’s hassle and haggle-free. All you have to do is make a car profile right from your phone and wait for 3,000+ dealers to make their offers. Motorway will bring the highest offer to you — you can get up to £1,000 more — and your car will be collected from your home. The best bit? It’s all completely free, and you can usually expect to be paid the same day as car collection!


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