Time to take up a new hobby? 7 Cross-Stitch designs to try this winter

Trying out the art of cross-stitch can often prove to be an extremely rewarding and productive activity.

Potential New Year’s resolutions in mind, undertaking a cross-stitch could be just the right hobby to try out this winter.

Here are just 7 eye-catching designs, all currently available at the Silversurfers Shop.

1. Robin Cross Stitch Cushion Kit

An iconic symbol of winter, carefully stitching a colourful Snowy Robin is an excellent project well worth undertaking this winter.

Either once completed, it can take pride of place in your home or you can present it to someone special as a special seasonal keepsake.

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2. Cross Stitch Cushion Kit: Poppies and Daisies

Immediately catching the eye, a colourful Poppies and Daisies Cross Stitch project could be the start of a long and productive new passion.

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3. Counted Cross Stitch Japanese Woodblock: Waterlily Picture Kit

One of a series developed from woodblock prints, this wonderful picture is sure to brighten up any room this winter.

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4. Winter Walk Long Stitch Kit

Stretching your legs on a long winter walk is one of the great seasonal pastimes.

Soaking up the scenery as you meander through countryside (or cityscape) can often prove to be a wonderful inner wellness activity.

Designed by Rose Swalwell, try a delightful winter scene sure to spark memories of some of your greatest winter expeditions.

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5. Hare in the Meadow Counted Cross-Stitch Kit

There are few sights cuter than a Hare hopping through meadows (though a certain Bunny may disagree!).

A design from Hannah Dale, a busy bumblebee also makes its way into the meadow, leading to a wonderful scene that could occur across the UK this summer.

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6. Fox in Poppies Counted Cross-Stitch Kit

A beautiful cross-stitch, our next entry captures a content fox resting amongst the poppies.

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7. Wrendale Little Clown Puffin Counted Cross-Stitch Kit

Start your countdown to spring with this colourful cross-stitch depicting an Atlantic Puffin looking curiously off into the distance.

A design from Hannah Dale, our kit arrives in the post including everything you need to finish this wonderful design.

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