The age of the Mods and Rockers

The baby boomers of the 1960s were the first post-war generation to reach their teens.

With no National Service to endure and with more money in their pockets than some of their parents, young people had time to reflect on society and their place within it. Some wanted to create their own identities and change the roles society expected them to play.

Here we take a trip down memory lane and reflect…


Being a Mod was a complete lifestyle choice and they were obsessed with the right look and style. They most often wore suits, had parka coats and road on scooters with several lights on the front and some even had large aerials at the back embellished with squirrel tails.

Mod boys initially had short, cropped hair, but when The Rolling Stones caught on, they began to let their hair grow. Many Mod girls sported the page boy bob.

Coffee bars were the place to meet as, unlike pubs, they were open into the early hours. There were also jukeboxes where young people could listen to bands like The Yardbirds, the Small Faces and The Who.


Rockers wore jeans and leather jackets whilst riding their motorcycles.

Their look was based on actors such as Marlon Brando in The Wild One and they wore drainpipe jeans and either winklepickers or motorcycle boots with their black leather jackets.

Rocker boys styled their hair like Elvis Presley and the girls, wearing similar clothes to the boys, had their hair either as a back-combed beehive or based on Bridget Bardot’s style at the time.

Rockers generally listened to 50s rock and roll with artists such as Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, The Everly Brothers, Bill Hayley and of course Elvis Presley.

Were you a Mod or a Rocker in the 1960s? What memories do you have?

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