10 Things to see in Italy

If like many people Italy is at the top of your wish list for your next trip abroad you will already be aware of the wealth of culture, food and glorious scenery that can be found in one of Europe’s most popular holiday hotspots.

From the intricate historical cities steeped in drama and romance to the lush and peaceful Tuscan hillsides, there are plenty of exciting things to see on your next visit to Italy.

So to help you get started planning your holiday, we’ve put together a list of ten of Italy’s most incredible sights.

1.The Roman Colosseum, Rome  

The Colosseum is arguably Italy’s biggest tourist attraction, welcoming more than five million visitors each year. Built in 70 AD, The Colosseum is a must see if you are into ancient Roman history – a visit here will immerse you into a world of filled with gladiators, empires and fascinating Roman culture. You can book tickets to go inside the structure for an in-depth tour, or simply walk around the giant structure if you’re there for a flying visit.

2. Tower Of Pisa, Pisa

If you’re keen to take a few memorable holiday snaps to share with your friends and family then a trip to The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a must. This iconic building took almost two centuries to build and continues to delight tourists and locals with its unique tilted angle. If you are feeling brave then a trip to the top of the tower is well worth the 296 steps it takes to get there.

3. The Trevi Fountain, Rome 

Among Italy’s most famous attractions is the Trevi fountain, which draws millions of visitors each year and was featured in the iconic film La Dolce Vita. This magnificent Baroque fountain sits in the centre of Rome, and local legend says that if you drop a coin into the fountain you’re sure to return to Rome in the future.

4. The Ancient city of Pompeii

The ancient city of Pompeii sits at the base of Mount Vesuvius and has been lovingly excavated to allow visitors a unique glimpse into life over two thousand years ago. This tragic town, which was once the scene of one of the most violent volcanic eruptions in history, now boasts around two and a half million visitors each year, so make sure you get there early in the day to take advantage of the smaller crowds.

5. Lake Como

A regular holiday paradise for the rich and famous, Lake Como is a glacial lake in Northern Italy. Stately hotels, waterside promenades and charming restaurants are dotted around Bellagio and Como, the two towns at the base of the lake.

6. The Canals, Venice

The floating city of Venice is famous around the world for its canals, and no visit to Italy would be truly complete without a visit to this spectacular city. Ride a gondola, admire the architecture, sample fresh Italian cuisine and immerse yourself in priceless works of art by the Italian masters – the historic centre may be small, but it’s packed with things to see and do.

7. Chianti Wine Region, Tuscany  

There’s no better way to experience Tuscany than with a visit to the Chianti Wine Region. Good food and wine are in abundance here and the winding country roads offer an unforgettable roatrip. Winemakers like Villa Pomona, Val delle Corti and Fontodi are all worth stopping for a tasting.

8. Piazza del Campo, Siena

The Piazza del Campo is a real must see if you enjoy architecture. This is one of Europe’s most loved medieval squares set in the historic centre of Siena. This square boasts a magnificent tower and is the perfect place to sit at one of the many roadside cafes and immerse yourself in Italian culture.

9. The Statue Of David, Florence

One of the great joys of visiting Italy is seeing the priceless works of art by the Italian masters. The famous marble statue of David by Michelangelo is situated in Florence at the Accademia Gallery. This astonishing Renaissance sculpture is perhaps his most famous work of art, sculpted when the artist was just 26 years old – he worked for two years to create his revolutionary interpretation of the famous biblical figure.

10. Sicily

Rich in history, Sicily diverse culture and incredibly culinary traditions draw visitors from around the world. The dramatic landscapes around Mount Etna and the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean make this a destination that’s truly one of a kind.

So tell us: what are your must see destinations around Italy? 

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