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Since retiring full time and having trotted round the world in our younger and healthier times done Europe before the madness of the euro. We now travel around this beautiful country called GREAT Britain.
In 2010 we came down from Northumberland to Devon having spent all summer touring Scotland we spent the winter there looking after the Camping and Caravanning club site at Bellingham.
We enjoy our life style especially since I was diagnosed as having Asbestosis in both lungs in 2002 and was given 5 years before I would have to succumb to using oxygen just to breath. We avoid Towns and Cities as much as possible as the fumes make me very ill for days. The two big clubs have camp sites out in the country so that’s where you will find us.

I have been into computers ever since I bought Clive Sinclair’s ZX 81 in 1981. I spend a lot of time writing blogs and enjoy writing to friends around the world. But not having a land line used to have its draw backs but in this age of technology mobile internet is now available to the travelling man. With my mobile phones contract coming to an end I looked at all the options that phone companies had to offer.
My new contract mobile phone is a Samsung Galaxy 2 an all singing dancing Android, the telephone side of this Android is only one tenth of its capabilities. Its main function for me is its internet hosting. I can run two laptops simultaneously down load itunes to my ipod and keep up with twitter, face book, and emails with the greatest of ease. I would recommend an Android to all caravanners and motor homers.