The best sites for senior life insurance

Searching for life insurance policies can be stressful. With so many different providers and varying policy details, it’s tough to get your head around the many different aspects of life insurance and how it will protect your family.

If you’re aged over 50 or 60, there are a range of senior life insurance policies that could make your decision just a little bit easier. Life insurance for seniors is targeted to specific needs in older age, and it’s available from a variety of different providers (such as the Post Office’s over 50 life insurance). Not sure where to begin your search? Here’s our guide to the best sites for senior life insurance.

Why buy senior life insurance?

If you’re not sure why a senior life insurance policy might be advantageous, this guide from may shed some light. You’ll find plenty of details here, including why you might need a senior life insurance policy and what it could be used to cover – from funeral costs to charity donations and security for your family.

You’ll also find more information on over 50s life insurance at Before you look for a quote, this site gives you all the information you need about what makes senior plans different – namely, that they can usually be purchased without the need for any medical checks.

Alternatively,’s over 50s life insurance page offers a detailed guide of the advantages of this type of policy too. However, the website doesn’t actually compare senior life insurance, so users are redirected to another reputable insurance comparison site. For another comparison tool, also compares life insurance quotes for over 65s.

And if policy details are still making your head spin, the British Seniors Insurance Agency’s Facts and Figures page has a comprehensive glossary and FAQs section that could clarify matters.

Going direct to over 50s life insurance companies

Silversurfers have partnered with Assured Futures whose exceptional team of Life and Health advisors have access to a wide range of products designed specifically for the over 50s.

Over 50s life insurance is a type of life insurance for anyone aged over 50. You pay for this kind of life insurance with regular monthly instalments and when you die, it pays out a lump sum. The money could be used towards your funeral costs, to pay off any existing debts or simply as a gift to leave your loved ones.

Comparing senior life insurance policies is an effective way to get an overview of the available options. However, it can also help to go direct to insurers, as a few companies may not list their best deals on comparison sites. You can find out all about Sun Life Direct’s over 50s plan, for instance, on their website. As well as online quotes and FAQs, their website also has handy tools like a funeral calculator, which could help you decide how much cover you need.

Major supermarkets also offer competitive life insurance deals for seniors. Sainsbury’s Bank, for instance, offers two plans – a fixed plan and an increasing plan – with guaranteed acceptance for people aged 50 to 80 who are UK residents for at least half the year and there’s no medical check required. And if you’ve got a Nectar card, you’ll even receive a £75 Sainsbury’s gift card.

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