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Wrinkles are a natural side effect of ageing but for lots of people they are also a source of frustration or disappointment. Long hours spent outdoors with exposure to the sun, smoking, a poor diet and other lifestyle factors can accelerate the appearance of wrinkles too, so that many people feel they look older than they actually are.

Rather than resorting to more drastic measures, many people prefer to experiment with simple, safe methods for reducing wrinkles – such as facial exercises to practice at home. Discover some of the best sources for wrinkle exercises and see if you can find a few simple ideas to include in your daily routine.

Wrinkle exercises from around the web

There are a number of different facial exercises that have become popular for their wrinkle fighting properties. One of the most well known exercise regimes is facial yoga, which have been garnering a lot of attention in recent years. Essentially, this is a form of exercise that relies on yoga principles to help your skin and facial muscles stay flexible and well developed. For a great explanation of Facial Yoga and all it entails, check out the Daily Mail. You’ll also find some great information about the trend as well as instructions on how to carry out six poses on Total Beauty, who’ve chosen the top face yoga poses for making you look as though you’ve had a facelift.

Peak Fitness also has some interesting information about facial exercises and while it discusses face yoga, it also includes some alternative options – suggesting that it’s also possible to stroke wrinkles out of your face with the right techniques. Another good place to find information about ways to inhibit wrinkles with facial exercises is from Renegade Health, a website dedicated to exploring unusual ways to boost your wellbeing. In this post, they include a video featuring a few of their favourite facial exercises – perfect if you’re just getting started. One great thing about face yoga and similar exercise routines is the fact that they tend to take up a very small amount of time and don’t cost anything, meaning you can fight wrinkles with very little effort and no expense.

Normal exercise can reduce wrinkles too

If you’re looking for ways to reduce your wrinkles, you may also want to consider getting more exercise in general. There has been a variety of research into the connections between a healthy amount of exercise and smoother skin and a general consensus that there is a link between the two. Read more from the team at Huffington Post, who have written a useful article about the correlation between exercise and wrinkles.

You’ll also find some interesting information at LiveStrong, which discusses the effects of exercise and also a few of the environmental factors you should take into account when looking for ways to reduce and prevent wrinkles. By adopting some small changes, you can make a big difference to your skin and boost your confidence when it comes to cutting down on sagging or wrinkled skin.


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