The best websites for rose care advice

Although there’s a diverse range of garden flowers in the UK, roses have remained a favourite for decades. Roses come in a variety of colours and can convey a range of messages, from romance to sympathy and even just a kind thank you.

But caring for roses has a notoriously tricky reputation. It’s not just about avoiding those prickly thorns either: gardeners everywhere are always looking for tips on how to get their roses looking full and luscious. Here are some of the top resources for rose care on the web.

How to care for roses

Looking for some general tips on rose care? Head to the Royal Horticultural Society website for invaluable all-round tips on pruning. This is a particularly great site for anyone who wants to know how to prune rose shrubs, climbing roses and rambling roses. The RHS has useful information on dead-heading and die-back too.

Alternatively, if you want to know how to plant a dead root rose, Gardeners’ World has a step by step guide for you to follow. And if you want to find out more about different types of roses, search Gardeners’ World’s plant directory for useful factual information.

And if you’re looking for products to help boost your rose care regime, visit David Austin Roses‘ online home. David Austin is a specialist breeder of English roses. As well as essential rose food, you’ll also find handy tips on rose care, as well as details of how to visit David Austin’s Plant Centre in Shropshire.

More tips on planting roses

Roses are often thought of as a quintessentially English plant – which is perhaps why we use the term, “English rose”. But online, you’ll find plenty of information from American rose-growers too. Look out for well-subscribed channels like Paul Zimmerman Roses for regular rose care updates. Zimmerman also contributes to Fine Gardening, a great site with many informative articles and videos about roses.

Follow these tips and you’ll soon be on your way to growing roses that really stand out. If you’re not sure what to do with your roses after you’ve cut them, offers some colourful inspiration. Scour the posts on this site to see some truly beautiful roses, stunning ideas for arrangements and inspiration for planting.

And don’t forget, the RHS host the Chelsea Flower Show every year in spring (the 2021 show has been moved to September). If you’re seeking design inspiration for your new rose garden, this is just the place to find it. You’ll be surrounded by gardening experts and fans too, so you could pick some valuable tips on your visit.

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