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Just two decades ago, eco-friendly cars sounded like a fantasy. But today, green motoring is becoming increasingly important to consumers. More and more vehicles on the road are electric, hybrid, biofuel or fuel cell cars. Even Prince Charles has a wine-powered car, in an effort to move towards greener transport.

So if you’re hoping to take the plunge and get an eco-friendly car, rest assured there’s plenty of choice out there. But where can you find out more? Here’s our guide to the best green motoring sites on the web.

Looking for green cars online

First, it’s time to ditch the notion that eco-friendly cars aren’t as stylish as their petrol-guzzling counterparts. The Telegraph’s online gallery of the best green cars on sale proves this definitively. The models listed here, all winners of the What Car? Green Awards 2012, are a mixture of trendy, snappy and practical – so you certainly won’t be compromising your fashion sense for the sake of the environment.

To find out more about the best environmentally-friendly cars, take a look at Next Greencar. This extensive website is chocked full of eco information, including the latest news and reviews of green cars, vehicle ratings and top ten lists. Specialist sections on electric cars, fuels and hybrid vehicles offer drivers valuable insight into how different models work and what makes them green. There’s even a handy charge point map, so you can see where to charge electric cars in the UK.

Clean Green Cars is another useful website. Here, you’ll find guidance on choosing a green car, features on specific models and hundreds of road test reports. There’s also a handy ‘Jargon Buster’ section, which explains terms like fuel cell, lithium-ion battery, bio-ethanol and regenerative braking. So if you’re starting from scratch with green cars, this may be a good place to swot up on the terminology.

For more eco-friendly car information, Parkers has a range of handy advice guides and reports. There’s some very useful articles here, including a quick guide to hybrids, a look at alternatives to electric cars and lists of green 4x4s, small and large. And Car Magazine has a comprehensive green car section on its website too, with detailed information and reviews on bio fuels, hybrids, electric and hydrogen vehicles.

Green motoring insurance and driving tips

Of course, green motoring isn’t just about buying a car – it’s also about getting the right insurance. Money Supermarket has a handy online guide to electric car insurance if you want to learn more, as this type of car insurance can be pricey. However, there are now dedicated green car insurers. Pluginsure, for instance, is an electric vehicle insurance specialist. And if you don’t have a green vehicle just yet, The Green Insurance Company promises to offset 100% of your vehicle’s harmful emissions by investing in environmentally-focused ventures in the UK.

If you’d like to be greener on the road but aren’t up for buying an eco-friendly car just yet, there’s still ways to reduce your carbon footprint. This eco driving guide from the Eden Project has some simple tips on how to reduce your fuel-use – such as emptying your boot and ensuring your tyres are pumped to the correct pressure.

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