The best iPad apps for lifelong learners

Your iPad might be one of your favourite entertainment providers, but it’s also an excellent tool for expanding your knowledge and improving your mind.

There are many apps geared to provide educational content in a fun and interesting way, ensuring a never-ending supply of fascinating facts, figures and articles.

An enquiring mind is a wonderful thing and with the right apps, you can ensure you never run out of food for your brain. Find out more and start downloading the apps that will help you continue learning no matter what age you are.

Excellent educational apps

If you’ve always been interested in astronomy and would like to know more about the stars above you, then Star Walk is a great app to enjoy. If you enable Star Walk on your iPad and point it up at a night sky, it will map and provide information about everything it can see, from the history of the planets and stars to their scientific classifications.

You can also discover more about all of the elements that make up the world itself by downloading The Elements: A Visual Exploration. This app has garnered praise from all over the world and it’s not hard to see why. With the help of videos, photos and inspiring articles, it delves deeply into the contents of the periodic table.

For a more general exploration of the way the world works, as well as information about new technologies and discoveries, Popular Science+ is a great choice. It’s a fully reimagined and digitalise version of the brilliant magazine and it has a lot of extra features designed especially to be enjoyed on the iPad.

Brilliant ways to broaden your mind

Lovers of literature are likely to have already enjoyed some of the eBooks offerings to be found on their iPads, but there are even more bookish treats available. Check out the British Library: Treasures HD for the chance to see some of the world’s rarest and most influential manuscripts – it’s a wonderful way to have a closer look at books you’d otherwise never see. Instapaper is another great app for keen readers as it allows you to collect all of the blogs and web pages that you want to read in one place while you’re online so that you can then enjoy reading them whenever suits you best, even if you don’t have an internet connection.

When you’re looking for inspiring videos and articles about a whole range of topics, there are few better places than the TED app. This fabulous open source institution shares talks from a huge variety of experts, ensuring that no matter what your area of interest, you’re guaranteed to find a lecture that is both informative and entertaining. Khan Academy also offers open source videos from some of the world’s leading minds and is another excellent resource for anyone who has a healthy curiosity about the world we live in. Once you get started, you’re sure to find it hard to stop!



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