The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation Tafika Update – October 2017

DSFW is delighted to be able to update you on the progress of ‘Tafika', who we introduced to the Silversurfers family last month

DOB: November 2008

Rescued: August 2009

He is one of the few lucky survivors of the poaching epidemic sweeping across Africa.  DSWF works hard on the ground, and in the international arena to fight for the survival of this iconic mammal and help protect the last raining wild elephants left roaming our planet…

Batoka Chamilandu Tafika (right)

Tafika has continued to be his usual happy self over the past month, strengthening his social bonds within the release herd. He has been spending more time with 7-year-old males, Rufunsa and Mosi; the three of them are often seen side by side, whether they’re cooling down during a mud-bathing session, enjoying a refreshing drink of water from the natural pools or grazing and browsing near one another. This newly-formed group shows that Tafika is content in the company of males of a similar age, as he exercises his social skills and establishes himself as the dominant male of the group. These relationships are vital for his development, as he acquires the essential experience that will be required in future when he potentially forms a bachelor herd in the wild. His confidence increases with every bond that he forms.

Tafika, Mosi, Rufunsa

He has even been observed mounting 7-year-old female, Kavala. Although she tends to move away from him in disapproval, this interaction suggests that Tafika is maturing exactly how he should be, and over the next few years, his interest in the opposite sex is sure to increase. Once Kavala has rejected him, he returns to the comfort of his male friends!

Tafika’s behaviour and recent exchanges with his fellow herd members are promising signs that he is progressing steadily along his rehabilitation process. He is gaining the confidence and independence needed to take him to release stage, but for now he is satisfied spending his time with his surrogate siblings.

Tafika Drinking

We look forward to sharing more of story, habits and personality with you in the coming months!  If you are interested in learning more about this iconic species or the other animals that we work hard to protect please visit our website 

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