11 surprising ways to cook with Marmite

Love it, or hate it, you can’t argue with the fact that Marmite is incredibly versatile.

You’ve got your classics: cheese and Marmite on toast, Marmite and lashings of butter on toast, boiled eggs and Marmite soldiers (more toast). But if you step away from toast-based Marmite dishes, what’s left?

Well, according to the culinary world, the spreadable goo is ‘having a moment’, with chefs getting through jars of the stuff by making the most of its umami flavour, and chucking it in everything.

The brand meanwhile has been busy diversifying, producing everything from crisps and rice cakes, to Marmite Peanut Butters (a travesty? Or the best idea ever? As long as it’s crunchy, of course.)


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A pancake recipe: one part love, one part hate, one part nuts. #PancakeDay #LoveItOrHateIt

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So how can you make your yellow-topped jar work hard at home? Here are a few ideas…

1. In fried chicken

A little Marmite in your fried chicken marinade – why not?

2. In cheesy pastry

Buttery pastry, lots of cheese and charred leeks, all laced with Marmite? It’s a genius move.

3. In sausages

Marmite sausages and cheddar mash makes so much delicious sense.

4. On doughnuts

A brown butter Marmite sauce will definitely temper the sweetness of a glazed doughnut.

5. In a powder


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Long process but definitely worth it! Pomme soufflé with marmite powder. #pommesouffle #marmite

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One for wannabe MasterChef contestants, turn Marmite into powder and sprinkle the savoury dust on whatever you fancy.

6. In spaghetti bolognese

If you’re out of stock cubes, or just want to add a bit of depth to your tomato sauce, stir through a teaspoon of Marmite – it really does the trick.

7. On popcorn


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Step away from the salted caramel sauce and icing sugar, and douse homemade popcorn with Marmite instead.

8. On roast cauliflower

It may not go down quite so well as your usual cauliflower cheese at Sunday lunch, but worth a try…

9. On tempeh

Happily for those who are plant-based, Marmite is completely vegan – so slather it on as many meat substitutes as you can.

10. In pasta sauce

For a little umami pizzazz, when all you have in the house for dinner is butter and dried pasta.

11. In cake


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YAAASSSS. There’s MIGHTY #MARMITECAKE with Almond Parmesan 😍 available for tmr too!!!

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This may be a step too far – it’ll come down to how much of a Marmite lover you truly are.

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