Escape with these images of animals and nature from around the world

Penguin parents, sinister serpents, and dogs that think they're people

Unless you happen to live in a bush tent overlooking the Serengeti, you’re probably a little short on natural beauty right now. Beyond a daily walk and reruns of David Attenborough, many of us have spent a lot of time inside away from animals and greenery.

The CEWE Photo Awards hope to provide some brief respite. With over €250,000 worth of prizes across 10 categories, organisers have released the finest photos so far submitted to the animals and nature categories.

Submission doesn’t actually close until May – until then, these varied beautiful photos range from rivers in Alaska to Antarctica’s frozen wastes…

A crocodile tries to go incognito


Christopher Barnofsky

A horse gets up close and personal


Jane Wintersohl

A hungry bear tries to catch lunch

bear in a waterfall

Doris Dörfler-Asmus

A kingfisher stops for a snack


Thomas Hinsche

A pair of owls share a tender moment

kissing owls

Christian Mars

A penguin cares for its chick

penguin and its baby

Christoph Bliem

A pigeon keeps cosy in the cold 


Reinhold Fischer

A snake emerges from the depths

a snake

Radim Hlaváč

A trio of meerkats keeps a lookout

three meerkats

Clemens Capek

Oops! A squirrel drops its breakfast

red squirrel dropping a nut

Doris Dörfler-Asmus

Raindrops gather on a spider’s web

spider on its web

Michael Konrad

A puppy unimpressed by its first experience of snow

puppy in snow

Talina Lux

Two zebras show off their patterned coats

two zebra

Melanie Frey

Two butterflies show that sharing is caring

two butterflies

Ruurd Visser

Two dogs wrap up in the cold

two dogs wrapped in a blanket

René Brunda

What are you looking at?


Emese Madarász-Grasselly

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