What are you doing this Winter?

Retirement can mean different things to different people but does it have to be the end of your working life, especially if you can ‘work smarter’?

How often do you hear from friends, relatives or ex-work colleagues – perhaps after just 3 months of finding their new retirement lifestyle – that they are ready to go back to work again? Perhaps they miss the buzz of the office or shop they used to work in? Perhaps they miss the income or even just the feeling of doing an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay? I know my own father retired 3 times, returning to teaching after short stints in the garden and fixing up the house!

But it is hardly surprising that this is a common sentiment heard among retirees when we all spend so many years of our lives keeping very busy only to stop suddenly because we reach a certain age. Over 40-50 years we build up strong friendships and develop useful skills; we enjoy the challenge of the job in hand and may be lucky enough to make a real difference in the world with our chosen career path; we even “live to work” if we enjoy our working lives enough. Can a gentle retirement lifestyle compete with this?

Some would say, “Yes”, of course, and we all deserve the rest at the right time but it is identifying the right time that is key. Others still would say that retirement can be tough: insufficient pension plans, feelings of isolation and loneliness stuck at home all the time. As my daughter says, “we are all different!”.

Well for those that are approaching retirement, but do not like the idea of all-or-nothing with regards to work (and salary for that matter), Calendar Club UK have an interesting business model that seems to tick the boxes.

This long standing company has appeared on our high streets and in our shopping centres, as planned around October every year since 1998, to supply the huge demand for that yearly calendar or diary that keeps all our lives running smoothly, or at least makes the wall look a little prettier!

But the 300 stores and mall units are run by self-employed “Operators” for just 3 months of the year, and not by franchisees as many folk think, which also means a marginal upfront cost to get a store up and running. Low risk and big short-term gains – based on a commission pay-out model – means that these Operators may just be getting the best of both worlds.

Calendar Club UK supply full training, supply all stock, fixtures and fittings, they even find the store location for you and liaise with the landlord. They pretty much hand over the keys to a fully operational business that you know will keep you busy for the Winter months but will close on time in the New Year giving you time to enjoy the next 9 months before it all happens again.

Here is what Betty, a 50+ year old Operator from Scotland, had to say about her experience with Calendar Club UK to date:

“I have been running a Calendar Club shop for over ten years and still look forward to the start of each season. I like meeting all my regular customers and the centre is always glad to see me back. It’s like seeing old friends! My husband and I like to spend the summer in Spain and Calendar Club gives us the financial security to go away and enjoy our time in the sun.”

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? You can just apply online to see if they need an Operator in the area where you live but a conversation is probably the best place to start. As a strongly family-oriented business based in leafy Devon the full-time staff at their headquarters are friendly and happy to answer any questions. What are you doing this Winter? Fancy running a store or mall unit in your local town or city instead? Maybe it is time…

Interested in Becoming a Store Operator?

For more information, contact Calendar Club UK by calling 01392 826 800 or email: [email protected]

Current vacancies list on the website:

Online applications / shows of interest can be posted here:

They also have a FAQ section on their ‘business’ website:


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