You needn’t put up with knee pain

‘Bad knees’ are a cause of pain for millions people in the UK leaving them unable to complete basic everyday tasks such as gardening, walking or playing with their grandchildren.

One of the main causes of knee pain is arthritis. An estimated 8.5 million people in the UK are affected by the most common form of arthritis, osteoarthritis which usually occurs first in people aged between 40 and 50 years.

Michelle Siddle, 49, from Lancashire, is one of those thousands of people who have ended decades of pain after receiving a knee replacement.

Michelle opted for the ‘Signature Knee’ replacement surgery which uses MRI technology to create a 3D joint reconstruction and personalised positioning guides for total knee replacement. The procedure is less invasive, has reduced recovery times and better long term results.

The surgery was performed by consultant orthopaedic surgeon Mr Rajan Mohan and gave Michelle an end to years of suffering.

She recalls: “I found that I’d get tired when walking my dog, and I could no longer ride my bike. My leg would seize up from time to time, in fact once I fell over in the Trafford Centre because of this. Basic activities became intolerable and my knee pain was really hampering my lifestyle. I felt my knee was ageing before me.”

Orthopaedic surgeon Mr Rajan Mohan undertook the surgery, recognising the need to get a precise fit for Michelle to ensure the operation was a success. “In traditional surgery, a surgeon uses points of reference to estimate where a new knee should be aligned. This can lead to misalignment if the knee is placed in error, which could reduce the lifespan of the new knee”, explains Mr Mohan.

“With techniques that measure the patient’s knee exactly, the new knee is aligned with the guidance of a live 3D computer. This greatly reduces the room for error, which in turn reduces a patient’s hospital recovery time, in some cases from five days to two.” concluded Mr Mohan.

Michelle recalls: “I had surgery in the morning, and was up and walking by the afternoon. My recovery had exceeded all expectations. I only needed two sessions of physiotherapy afterwards. For me, my operation and recovery afterwards couldn’t have gone better.”

“Since my knee replacement, I haven’t felt any pain. I honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve felt like this. I’m out walking, shopping – I have a new lease of life. I would definitely recommend this surgery to anybody who needs it.”

Knee replacement treatment has excellent outcomes for patients with 85% of those replaced lasting approximately 12 years. The investment in pain free living is hard to measure, but for patients like Michelle, there is clear evidence that the emotional and physical benefits of surgery far outweigh the financial cost.


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