The Benefits of Stretching

Find out why stretching is so important for us

As we age there are numerous benefits to maintaining and even improving our flexiblity.

Being flexible helps with posture and mobility as well as reducing the risk of injury when we exercise.

Although everyone’s flexibility is different, your own personal flexibility should be good enough to support your lifestyle. This could mean anything from being able to complete a successful 10k run to playing with your grandchildren or even just being able to reach down and comfortably put on a pair of socks.

Although some of us are more naturally supple than others the good news is flexibility can still be learned and improved through practice, even as we age.

Take a look at the videos below for ways on how best to stretch when you’re over 50.

Stretches to do every day

Beginner stretch flexibility routine

No floor work stretching

Give these a go and let us know what you think in the comments box below.

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