On the up! Domestic lifts replace stairlifts in homes

A domestic lift is replacing the traditional stairlift as people look for other ways to stay in their own homes rather than move house.

The home lift concept was first introduced to the UK in 2010 when a company called Stiltz Lifts launched their through floor lift which was designed to make life easier when the stairs become too much.

With many people reluctant to downsize to a bungalow having a domestic lift is a cost-effective solution when compared to moving home and can add value to a property. The Stiltz Lift starts at £11,950 including installation costs.

Investing in a home lift also means that the stairs can be kept the way they have always been and it is a lot cheaper than making substantial changes to an existing home. Unlike a stairlift, a domestic lift can carry two people comfortably and travel between floors in less than 30 seconds.

Home lifts offer users a quick and more convenient way of getting between floors and there are also wheelchair lifts versions available. These are designed to be big enough to fit a standard-sized wheelchair but are ideal too for people with walking frames.

Known as residential elevators in the USA, the Stiltz Lift can be installed virtually anywhere in a home because it does not need fixing to walls or floors or require a shaft or floor pit, resulting in minimal building work and fast installation.

Using Stiltz’s dual rail technology, the lift is a self-supporting structure with a self-contained drive system so no noisy hydraulic equipment is required either so the lift is very quiet. The domestic lift just plugs straight into the wall using a normal 13 amp power socket.

Lifts include a half-height swing door, fold down seat, interior grab rail, downlights and two remote controls so the lift can be called from any floor.

Home lifts are very safe and include a full-height light curtain with motion sensor which if crossed will bring the lift to an immediate stop. Sensors are fixed to the top and bottom of the lift so, that if an object is detected, the lift will be halted.

Stiltz’s domestic lifts are limited to carrying 375lbs (or 170 kg) and will not travel if this amount is exceeded. It also uses an optical sensor to detect the speed of travel and if this increases beyond the specified limit, the lift will stop. There is also an emergency stop button.

The most common place for a home lift to be installed is from the hallway or living room with it arriving upstairs in a bedroom or on a landing. However there are almost limitless options as a lift can use the dead space and be fitted in a turning staircase, or be completely fitted in an airing cupboard or wardrobe on both floors.

For more information contact Stiltz Lifts on 0844 870 9087



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