Loving my new pedal power!

Wind rushing through my helmet, speeding up and down hills, overtaking 20-something year old mountain bikers and burning calories at the same time. I never thought at the age of 53 I’d be doing all four things at once!

My electric mountain bike has revolutionised my exercise life. It allows me to push myself further to cover more distance and admire even more beautiful landscape whilst giving my body a serious cardio workout. Hills that I would never before have dreamt of climbing are now manageable and, dare I say it, fun. An hour of cycling can leave me covering distances of over 15km and feeling revitalised after a day indoors working at my computer.

My new mountain bike is pedal assist. This means that I still need to pedal and the motor is related to the work that I am doing. I can choose from a little assistance to Turbo, making even the steepest hill easy to climb no matter what your fitness. The range of the battery can be over 100 miles, depending on how much ‘pedal assist’ you choose to use during your ride.
Electric bike in Nendaz

Electric bike in Nendaz

Last summer we were staying in the mountains in Nendaz, Switzerland for a few days, and we rented electric bikes there .. it was great fun and I was cycling up terrain that would be out of my reach on a regular bike.  In Europe E-bikes are far more popular already, and you can hook them on to the back of chair lifts, and summit peaks way up above the valley floor. The views are spectacular!


Leith Hill Tower

Whilst it is a hefty investment from the pension pot, I see it as an investment for life. It’s so much more fun than going to the gym and in the longterm will work out less than a gym membership. I have put off investing in an electric mountain biking for at least a year, but now I am so glad I have bitten the bullet!  I really look forward to my regular dose of cycling and feel invigorated when I get back!

I bought mine from Electric Bikes Guildford 

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