Hear Better, Live Better

To live better. To be healthy and happy. It’s what we all strive for.

Hearing well is known to have a positive effect on overall health as well as family life, social life and working life. Those with hearing loss are more likely to experience cognitive decline, depression, diabetes, heart health problems and isolation.

If you are struggling to hear conversations, you’re not alone. Hearing loss is the world’s 3rd most common health issue. In the UK it affects more than 10 million people and 40% of over 50’s experience some form of hearing loss.

The good news is the earlier you detect a hearing loss, the better the chance you have of effectively treating it.

In any case, if you get your eyes and teeth tested regularly, why not get your hearing checked too?

A hearing consultation is quick, painless and straightforward. Friends and family tend to notice their loved one’s hearing loss first. So it’s a great idea to engage them in the consultation as well.

If a hearing loss is confirmed by your Hearing Professional there are some really exciting advanced hearing solutions that will not only help you to hear better but live better too.

The latest wireless hearing technology is perfect for people who don’t want hearing loss to hold them back from living an active lifestyle and want to stay connected with friends, family and the world around them.

Today’s hearing aids are so advanced and many are almost invisible when worn that people actually want to wear them, contributing to their overall health and wellbeing.

As well as hearing more clearly and understanding conversations better, you can stream TV, radio music and phone calls direct to your hearing aids.

It’s important to take an empowered, proactive approach to health during every stage of your life – let it begin with your hearing health.

Call our friendly advisors today on Freephone 0800 068 3533 or visit our website to book your free personalised hearing consultation with your local JustHear Hearing Professional.

If you quote Silversurfer50, you will receive £250 voucher off a range of hearing solutions.

JustHear is a campaign dedicated to raising awareness on hearing health. Our network of independent hearing professionals are chosen because they share the same philosophy and passion and work closely with every individual to provide the highest levels of service and support.


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