What you need to know about pet insurance and its exclusions

Not all pet insurance exclusions are obvious and they vary across companies. It’s worth researching exactly what is included in a policy and finding insurers that cover more than others.

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Most pet insurance doesn’t pay 100% of a claim

Like many insurance lines, pet insurance tends to include an excess payment that insurers retain when you make a claim.

Some companies allow you to choose your excess. Selecting a higher excess usually lowers the cost of your annual premium but will mean you have to pay more at the point of claim.

Bought By Many is the only company that offers a no excess option. This is available on its Regular policy for pets aged under 9. This allows owners to receive the full value of a successful claim and claim for lower amounts without the payout being swallowed up by the excess.

Get a quote from Bought By Many or call Bought By Many on 01444 221 043

Pet insurance excesses vary from company to company but tend to be about £50 to £100.

When you can claim

Pet insurance policies usually exclude claims for accidents that happen in the first 48 hours of a policy, or illnesses that occur or show symptoms in the first 14 days of a policy.

This is to prevent fraud from people who expect their pet is going to need treatment imminently and buy an insurance policy to cover the costs.

Bought By Many has the same waiting period for claims but its pet insurance works slightly differently in that they will cover conditions experienced in the first 14 days after the waiting period has ended.

Pre-existing conditions

Pre-existing conditions are excluded by most pet insurance companies. If your pet develops a new condition while it is covered, your insurer should pay out for treatment. But if you switch to a new provider, the new company will not cover conditions you claimed for in the past, regardless of how long ago you claimed.

Bought By Many is different. It can cover existing conditions, so long as your pet hasn’t needed treatment or advice for that condition within the last two years.

For more recent conditions, Bought By Many has the UK’s only Pre-existing condition policy that offers some cover for previous health issues as long as your pet hasn’t need treatment or advice in the three months before the policy starts.

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Routine treatments and appointments

Pet insurance is designed for unexpected treatment so it won’t pay out for routine treatments and appointments like spaying, microchipping and check-ups.

Dental, death and travel

Many pet insurance companies offer cover for the value of a pet if it dies. They may also cover the cost of vet fees if your pet needs treatment in a European country.

However, these features can be optional add-ons or on the company’s most comprehensive policy so make sure you read the policy wording before you buy.

Pet policies usually cover dental accidents but treatment for illness is again often only included in companies’ highest levels of cover.

Bought By Many’s Complete policy includes full dental cover for illnesses or accidents. Get a quote here or call Bought By Many on 01444 221 043