Are you looking for a long lost friend or relative?

The TV program Long Lost Family has recently returned to our screens. The show features family members who are tracked down and happily reunited with people who have been searching for them.

Luckily, locating an old friend or family members in this way isn’t solely reserved for people willing to be on TV, there are companies out there that locate people ethically and legally. A good tracing company will locate someone for just a few hundred pounds but what’s the process?

Here David Oates, Head Researcher at specialist people tracing company FinderMonkey and author of Long Lost Family Tracing explains…

“If you’ve got some basic details about a person you’re looking for then we can locate their current address. We work through potential matches and obtain old documents to find information that makes searching for someone not only possible but highly likely, even if you lost contact back in the fifties”

Many people who use FinderMonkey have spent time and money looking for them already, usually by checking online directories such as but usually these systems won’t help you until you’ve established some key information, so what’s the answer?

“To locate people from the past you need to build a clear picture of their life. So we carry out detailed research that we can then use to quickly identify potential matches, before honing in on the exact person”

FinderMonkey research including historical electoral roll searches, birth & marriage records as well as detailed name and address refining to move towards an exact match.

“Once we have completed this research our chance of success rises to over a 90% chance of tracing their current address”

The advantage of using a company like FinderMonkey is the guaranteed results, thus eliminating all the risk that comes with wasting money on your own searches. They even offer an intermediary service to make that awkward initial contact for you, if that’s required.

For more information please visit Finder Monkey here or  call 0113 282 5900

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