Organisation for that ‘hit by a bus’ fear

You sometimes hear people say that if they are hit by a bus, or fall down a mine shaft, they’d like to think they’ve left things organised in such a way that someone else could pick up where they left off.

When it comes to home admin would your family know what to do if something happened to you tomorrow? Would they know if you had life insurance? Would they know the provider and policy number? Or if you had shares? Would they have any idea what your views are on organ donation? Those conversations are difficult to have, and that’s why a Legado digital vault is useful in more ways than one.

Imagine a virtual filing cabinet that stores everything you could ever need in one digitally secure vault. With important documents a mix of paper and digital, you can organise all your important documents in one place, so if you were to be hit by that mythical bus, your loved ones would be able to find anything at the touch of a few buttons.

This also works in reverse: if your loved one died, or an elderly relative, wouldn’t you feel so much happier knowing that everything was in one place?

So, how does this revolutionary filing cabinet work? It’s simple. Documents can be stored across six main categories – personal, financial advice, personal finances, solicitor, accountant and property and vehicles. What’s more, individuals can nominate access to these documents for family members, professional advisors or whomever. If there is something you don’t want someone to see, you can set your own privacy settings – ensuring you have complete control of life’s important documents. Don’t want anyone to know your end of life wishes until the time comes? That’s fine, set up after-death sharing and guide your family to the details that matter only when the time is right.

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Adding documents at any time is easy. As is updating them. No more needless bits of paper that are outdated, and could potentially cause confusion. This also allows access from anywhere in the world. There are no barriers, even if you or your nominees live abroad.

Security and data protection is paramount and all the files are encrypted and stored in secure UK-based servers maintained by Microsoft Azure. Only you and your nominees can ever view what’s there. Just think of it as your very own Swiss bank vault for the most important documents in your life.

Legado is so much more than just a storage repository, it is there for life’s big events. To find out more about being life ready visit and see how easy it is to organise your life and that of your loved ones.

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