Paper or Digital Copies – What’s best for important documents?

Apple released the first iPod in October 2001, giving us the ability to store all our music on a small, slim device.

Arguably, this was the start of a revolution, with more devices being introduced and the need for physical things reduced – think Kindle replacing a pile of books by a bedside, or an entire album of holiday photos instantly shared with family on the other side of the world at the touch of a button.

Music, books and photos bring us joy. Imagine the joy of feeling light and safe knowing that all of your most important documents are in one safe place.

Legado has developed a secure online storage system, structured into easy-to-use categories that make organisation easy, for all of the paperwork that matters. Think insurance policies, investment statements, passport numbers, and end-of-life wishes. All the documents are held securely in one place by category – they are private, easy to update and accessible. What’s more, you can share documents with specific individuals, giving them different levels of access, and you have complete control over what is visible to each of your contacts.

Paper vs Digital

Paper – it’s what we are all used to, it’s tactile and easy to read. But, it is also easily accessed, piles up, is not tamper-proof and could be destroyed by fire or water.

Legado’s digital vault storage offers cloud-based storage so your information can be securely accessed from any device, anywhere in the world. If your tablet or computer is lost, stolen, hacked or damaged, the information remains intact.

Safe as houses

This common saying doesn’t even come close to Legado’s level of security – instead, think “safe as a Swiss bank vault”.  Security is of the highest priority; only you and your nominees can access your information.

Every document uploaded to Legado is encrypted and stored using secure UK-based servers maintained by Microsoft Azure. Microsoft is an industry leader, being the first to achieve compliance with the ISO27018 cloud privacy standard and reaching 53 major certifications and attestations, which is more than any other major public cloud provider.  Long story short, nobody will be able to see your documents without you letting them – not even Legado’s employees.

Doubly safe

Two-factor authentication is required with every log-in, adding yet another layer of all important reassurance that your data is ultra-secure. Every document or image uploaded also has end-to-end encryption, which means that nobody can read the raw data or files held on the servers.  Even the team at Legado can’t see what is there; only authenticated users are able to decrypt their own data, or data that has been shared with them by somebody else.

Legado continuously works to keep security as strong as it possibly can be, engaging with industry experts, while regular third-party audits ensure industry-leading standards of security.

A move with the times?

There is something deeply satisfying about being organised and seeing your paper-based admin in neatly categorised folders. But the same is now available online – with the added bonus of being able to share specific files with family members.  Your documents are safe forever from fire, floods, coffee spills and ‘Now where did that go again?’.  Plus, with paperwork, your family may always wonder if other filing locations exist.  With secure digital vault storage, they are more likely to trust and believe that what is in your digital vault is everything important in one place.

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Be safe, be life-ready

Legado is free to use, and there are step by step instructions for uploading data and at-a-glance popular categories to guide you. Visit to discover how digital vault storage makes what matters safe.

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