8 Tips for strong, healthy nails

Brittle, frayed nails can be annoying and unsightly – if a broken nail has ever ruined a manicure or caused a jumper to snag, the good news is you can do to stop it happening again.

Today we’re sharing simple tips for strong, healthy nails on your hands and feet.

  • Try Vitamin B7
    Brittle nails can occasionally be a sign of a vitamin deficiency, but often are just a result of age and regular wear and tear. A simple solution is to take Vitamin B7 supplements – also known as biotin. This is a long term solution; it takes about six months of taking Vitamin B regularly to help build up keratin and see results.
  • Wear the right shoe size
    Squeezing your feet into small, tight shoes can put pressure on the toes and cause nails to grow into the skin, leading to painful ingrown toenails that risk infection. Make sure shoes are the right size with plenty of room in the toe and rotate between several pairs regularly.
  • Wear gloves for housework
    Too much exposure to water and other cleaning chemicals can weaken your nails over time. When you’re doing housework wear plastic gloves to avoid softening the nails and leaving them prone to breakage.
  • Soak nails in water
    Knowing water softens nails can also be useful if you have very thick toenails. Trying to clip hard toenails sometimes leads to splitting. Instead, soak your feet for ten minutes in warm salt water to help soften nails and make cutting easier.
  • Moisturise your cuticles
    Moisturising your cuticles regularly with a nail oil can help your nails grow in strong and healthy. The same way you add moisturiser after washing your face, you should use hand moisturiser after washing your hands, too.
  • Keep a file handy
    Keep a nail file close to hand so you can smooth away any rough edges and prevent further chipping or breaking.
  • Use polish to protect your nails
    A good manicure can actually help protect your nails and keep them in good condition. A base coat is key; it will add a barrier to help protect your nails from stains and the chemicals in quick dry nail polishes.
  • Try a nail strengthener
    Nails strengtheners contain keratin protein, and act as a topical supplement that will eventually start to have the same impact as taking B7 supplements. The keratin bonds to the nail and makes it stronger. Try brushing on 2-3 times a week when not using nail polish.

What are your best tips for strong, healthy nails?

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