Could these be the world’s most comfortable shoes?

How do you make the most comfortable shoes imaginable?

You take inspiration from the world’s most comfortable mattresses.

This was the conclusion reached by the people behind new British footwear brand SPRINGURU, who, working alongside a leading luxury mattress manufacturer, have devised a way of incorporating pocket springs into the soles of their shoes. 

Pocket springs have long been a key component in the manufacture of luxury mattresses, owing to their long-lasting performance credentials and the ability of each spring to react independently to the varying forces that are applied to it.


While pocket springs in the midsoles of shoes sounds like a ‘no-brainer’, the challenge has always been making pocket springs of the appropriate size and geometry.

After extensive research, including working alongside biomechanics professor, Jim Richards, from the University of Central Lancashire, the team came up with the perfect solution.

Each pair of SPRINGURUs contain 34 micro pocket springs, resulting in a shoe with extraordinary levels of comfort and a unique ‘spring in your step sensation’ underfoot. 


SPRINGURU was launched via crowdfunding site Kickstarter, which led to the first concept shoes being enjoyed by early adopters in 25 different countries around the world.

Following a fantastic response to the shoes, the new range of men’s and women’s casual shoes are available to buy now at

Silversurfers can get 20% off a pair of SPRINGURUs by using the discount code ‘SILVER20’ at

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