Clever uses for butter

Butter is a near-universal kitchen staple; from ordinary cooking to intricate baking, it’s an ingredient that households around the country use every single day.

Away from the kitchen, there’s dozens of weird, wonderful and clever uses for butter. Here’s a few of our favourites. Will you give any a try?

Protect your cheese

Keep your cheese from moulding with this simple trick. After cutting into a block of cheese, lightly smear the open edge with butter, then wrap and put back in the fridge.

Cut sticky foods

If you’ve ever struggled to cut sticky foods like dried fruit or marshmallows into pieces, this cook’s trick will make light work of it. Cover the knife in a light layer of butter; it will act as a lubricant and make slicing a breeze.

Swallow vitamins

If you struggle to swallow large vitamins, medicines or pills that don’t have a coating, you can create your own by rolling in butter. It will help you swallow smoothly when taken with water, milk or another liquid.

Remove rings

If you’re struggling to remove a ring that’s too tight, apply some butter to the area to help ease it off comfortably.

Remove sticky residue

From sap and syrup to glue or hot wax, you can remove these sticky substances from your skin with the help of a bit of butter. Rub into your hands then wash as normal with soap and water; the sticky substance will wash away.

Keep an onion fresh

Like a block cheese, you can rub butter on the edge of a cut onion before wrapping to keep it fresh and prevent it from drying out. Perfect for cutting down on food waste.

Calm an anxious cat

If you’re moving an anxious cat to a new environment or introducing them to new people, you can use this simple trick to help make the adjustment easier. Put a small amount butter on their front paws and rub in. Your cat will quickly focus on licking the butter off, helping to distract and calm them with ease.

Silence a squeaky hinge

If you have a squeaky hinge on a door at home, rub in some butter to silence the noise.

Do you know any clever uses for butter? Share your tips in the comments below  

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