5 Ways to Make your Bedroom more Chic

Make your bedroom more chic without any drastic changes

At some point in our lives, we’ve all dreamed of having a chic and opulent bedroom to get ready in or retire to at night after a long day. Having said this, this is often the room that gets neglected the most as we favour to update rooms visited by guests. However we’ve put together a list of ways you make your bedroom more chic without any drastic changes.

New Bedding

New bedding can completely change the way you feel about your bedroom, and make you look forward to going to sleep! You can add pattern and colour to your room by choosing a floral, patterned or striped quilt cover, however sometimes keeping your quilt relatively plain with fresh white high quality bedding can give you that luxurious ‘hotel’ feel. Another plus point of a simple quilt is that you can update the look with bolder throws and scatter cushions.

Add a chair or Ottoman

Add an ottoman

Add an ottoman

A beautiful piece of furniture will give your bedroom added grander as well as offering practicality. An ottoman at the end of the bed offers extra storage and a place to sit whilst fastening shoes or reading a magazine. Chairs can be just as useful, and will create an extra place for you to relax out of the living room.

Add new or re-arrange Artwork

As we spend around a third of our lifetime in our bedrooms, it’s only right that they are as beautiful as possible. By adding some new artwork or re-arranging the ones you’ve got, you can make sure that the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing at night are beautiful.

New curtains

New curtains or add a chair

New curtains or add a chair

Fresh, full length curtains will give a totally different feel to your room. By choosing full length curtains you’ll trick the eye into thinking the windows are much bigger than they actually are. Fabric choice can also add a sense of luxury and sophistication. Thick heavy velvet curtains will create a chic look whilst helping to keep the warmth in.

Update the lighting

Love reading at night? Then you’ll know how important having the right lighting can be. However this doesn’t just have to come in the form of bedside lamps… A reading corner will give you a separate space that you can escape to at any time of day and get lost in a good book. Add an adjustable lamp, a few throws and scatter cushions and it becomes much more inviting.

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