Calling all cauliflower growers

Hannah Stephenson reveals how to protect cauliflowers for any green-fingered growers

Now is the time to protect the curds of cauliflowers you’ve grown before they become damaged by frost.

You do this by bending the inner leaves over the curd and tying them with string, or by pegging them together to secure them in place to keep the cauliflower white and delay the time when the flowers will open up.

When the developing curds form a dense, tightly packed area that looks full size, cut it off just below the base of the head retaining some of the outer leaves for protection in transit. If you wait too long, individual florets will shoot out and spoil the shape of the head. Once that happens they will open out into flowers and then you will lose your cauliflower.

Good varieties include ‘Purple Cape’, a reliable winter variety with deep purple heads, and ‘Romanesco’, a lime-green type.


Do you grow your own?



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