Driver Power is back for 2020!

The UK’s most comprehensive, detailed and influential new-car ownership survey returns for its 19th year on 8 April, putting the real-world experiences of thousands of drivers at your fingertips.

Driver Power is a vital buyer’s compendium if you’re in the market for a new model, with the real-world experience of our readers the perfect accompaniment to our road testers’ expert reviews. Even if you’re not about to buy a new car, Driver Power is an entertaining and informative state-of-the-industry assessment for anyone with an interest in cars.

Over more than 30 pages and around 30,000 words our new car survey describes 75 models in close detail, looking at everything from how comfortable people say their seats are, to how well they accelerate. The owners who respond to Driver Power leave no stone unturned as they assess their vehicles, grading more than 30 individual aspects, generating over 2,000 data points in the process.

Those numbers are crunched by our analysts to reveal the best new car on the market today, and we also award nine individual category wins. So even if our ultimate winner isn’t the car for you, you’re sure to find useful information as we reveal what readers rate as the most practical car, the most reliable car, and seven other category winners.

But Driver Power isn’t just about facts and figures: while data plays a key part in the survey, each model gets its own individual write-up, while 150 straight from the horse’s mouth comments from owners give further colour to our rundown.

Driver Power is changing slightly for 2020, to reflect the evolving new-car market. We’ve asked owners of electric cars new questions about battery range, for example, while also creating new classes such as the best premium small SUV.

To mark Driver Power 2020, we’re also giving away a free Faraday pouch to all new subscribers.

Our inbox has been filled with letters and emails from readers concerned about security issues related to keyless entry, and while manufacturers are slowly introducing fixes for these vulnerabilities, putting your fob in a signal-blocking Faraday pouch is one of the most effective ways to stay one step ahead of the crooks. You can read the results of the survey in issue 1,621 of Auto Express, which is released on 8 April.

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