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We have TEN pairs of Mobileyes to giveaway this month!

They say the simplest ideas are the best. Everyone carries a mobile phone these days. Almost everyone over 50 needs glasses. If you only need readers, it is hard to remember them in an emergency or to have them to hand in a supermarket.

Mobileyes come to your rescue! Based on the oldest concept in optical wear. A modern monocle or Pince-Nez.

“I sometimes forget my glasses, I never forget my phone “

Slim, strong, sturdy construction.


They fix to a mobile with double sided tape provided.

Diopter strengths available +1.5 +2.0 +2.50 – Retails at £24.95 but currently on sale at £9.95!

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David Davies, David Hart, Sally Pow, Dana Manning, Jackie O'Neill, Gillian Ludlow, Allen Williams, Douglas Spencer, Allison Dean and Tony Berry
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