A safe haven: your garden

Spending time in the garden is one of life’s great pleasures, but it needs to be a retreat where we feel secure.

For anyone who would like the reassurance of knowing they can stay in touch while in the garden^, a personal alarm can help. At the press of a button friends and family can be alerted 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So if there is an accident, or you have a fall in your garden you can get help quickly.

As we edge into autumn, maybe now is the perfect time to look at your garden with fresh eyes. To see how you can make things safer perhaps consider investing in a personal alarm, to stay in touch. Decking and patios can be the perfect counterpoint to beautiful flowerbeds and a manicured lawn, but their surfaces can soon become slippery, particularly during the autumn leaf-fall.

Make sure your garden surfaces have good grip and loose paving or stonework is repaired. If steps play a practical role in your garden then they should be well-lit, wide enough to get your whole foot on and shallow enough to make the climb an easy one. Even better, fit a handrail that fits the style of your garden.

Moving heavy plant pots and tubs can lead to injury, so why not get wheeled bases if you’re likely to want to move a favourite plant. Watering the garden is one of the key ways to make the perfect garden, but badly stored hoses are a definite trip hazard, so invest in a basic hosereel to let you store your hose safely. Wearing the right gear for the job and conditions is important – for example, a good coat on autumn days and gardening gloves to protect against cuts and scratches.

Cut back low overhanging branches and perhaps consider introducing raised borders to avoid too much bending and possible backache. If you can, swap your watering can for an affordable domestic irrigation system or install water butts and taps in larger gardens. Don’t use ladders at all – it’s just not worth the risk – and make sure your garden furniture is easy to get into and out of.

Of course, the ability to get help quickly should you need it when you’re not in the house is vital, a personal alarm could be the perfect solution as it is always with you because you wear it.

An Age UK Personal Alarm* is easy to use and easy to wear. The alarm can be worn on the wrist or around your neck as a pendant so it’s always with you. Simply press the button to connect to the 24 hour emergency response centre. There are no numbers to dial. The Age UK Personal Alarm Service provides assistance 24 hours a day and enables the user to retain their independence indoors and out, whatever the season.

To find out more about the Age UK Personal Alarm Service, or to request a no-obligation demonstration†at home, call 0800 030 4814

You can also save money when you buy online and connect the alarm yourself – it comes with easy to follow instructions. Visit

Personal Alarms are provided by Aid-Call Limited.

*Age UK Personal Alarm is a product name of and provided by Aid-Call Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Age UK, which donates its net profits to Age UK.

^The alarm will work up to 50 metres in the garden.

Demonstration is not available if you buy online or Self-Connect



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