Yes, you can still enjoy an active and sunny retirement abroad!

If you were worried that Brexit had spoiled your plans for an active and exciting retirement in the sunshine of Spain or Portugal, the lush countryside of France, the culture and beauty of Italy or the glittering Mediterranean seascapes of Greece or Cyprus, you can relax, says overseas homes specialist Property Guides.

Despite headlines about the end of “freedom of movement”, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy life in the sun, whether in your own holiday home or a complete move.

New Brexit rules

Firstly, property purchases in themselves are totally unaffected by Brexit. If you’re planning on a trip to look at homes, read our new guide, Your Property Viewing Trip for tips and advice on finding the right home.

Residency is more complicated, but you can stay in the European Union for 90 days in any 180 without any more paperwork than for a holiday. So you could spend your entire winter on the Costa del Sol, basking in temperatures much like a British summer.

As the pandemic becomes less of a worry, it is certainly advisable to take out private health insurance but emergency treatment is available free of charge with a Global Health Insurance Card, which you apply for via

If you wish to stay longer than 90 days at a time, there are non-working visas available in our favourite retirement destinations. You’ll need to show that you have sufficient income to support yourself without working (roughly €15,000 to €30,000 depending on the country), have health insurance and no serious criminal record.

Some countries, including Portugal, Cyprus, Spain and Greece, have “golden visas” if you are investing €500,000-plus in property.

Lastly, Greece and Portugal are just two countries offering tax benefits to retirees who move there. Find out more details via our website.

Of course, many Silver Surfers will have moved abroad years ago, and for them the excitement may lie in a return to the UK. If that’s you, do read our guide, Returning to the UK. It covers everything from finding a property to claiming for your bus pass.

How to buy overseas

Okay, so you can still go there, what next?

Buying a home abroad might appear a difficult and, frankly, scary prospect, but at Property Guides we’ve helped many thousands. To make it easy and safe, break the process into simple steps and work with reliable professionals. That means a great estate agent, lawyer and currency expert. We can help with all three. Just contact our telephone team on 020 7898 0549 or email [email protected].

Trust us, it’s completely doable. Yes, even for you!

To finance a property abroad, most British people use a combination of savings, cashed-in pensions and investments, and possibly a mortgage. Downshifting from the family home or equity release are other options. Indeed, what better “living legacy” can there be for the children and grandchildren than a holiday home you can all decamp to every school holiday?

Bear in mind the investment returns too. With interest on savings negligible and the taxman punishing second-home and buy-to-let purchasers in the UK, investing in a property abroad can generate rental income as well as rising in value itself.

When budgeting, do bear in mind the higher purchase costs however, which can amount to 10%.

So, as we look forward to a bright new world, your dream home abroad is waiting for you! Check out our property listings where we have over 100,000 gorgeous, sun-drenched homes to choose from.


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