Christmas 2020

My Christmas preparation and shopping are very different this year

Christmas 2020

Well the calendar says Christmas, but you really wouldn’t know
Not off to see a pantomime, or carol singing go
No visiting the shops for me, I have delivery man
Hope that all my presents are tucked safely in his van

Sometimes when they’re not careful, I’d like to kick their ass
One parcel that I did unwrap was full of shattered glass
It had been wrapped so carefully and package clearly showed
‘Twas fragile, handle gently, broke prior reaching my abode

My feet are fine as shopping,  did not involve my queuing
Tho’ my back is stiff, my eyes are sore, from much computer viewing
I may hang decorations, but then again may not
My little sturdy little fir tree can grow safely in his plot

Many religions lost their holy days, due to this infection
We don’t know if we have it, as it can evade detection
There are not many Christians here, forgive me but I think
A lot of folk, along with me, just overeat and drink

If we get the vaccine, we should at least give it a try
Then it may be safer, hold celebration in July
Yes, I will buy some presents but should make it very clear
That the best gift you can give to me…is to  be around next year

Glenys Halliday

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I have always written poetry but when my husband died suddenly I used it as a kind of therapy. I don’t usually share these unless I feel they will help someone in distress. The ones I share are mostly humorous intended to bring a smile in what I feel can be a very lonely world... I have written four booklets and now a Corona chronicles which is just twelve poems writ while I am in jail...oh sorry I meant lockdown. Am on my way for a second booklet.. Trying to make folk smile and take a minutes release from these difficult times helps me forget my sight problems..

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