One for the pot

One for the pot

Remember the red tea caddy
That stuck on the wall
One press for one cup
Two presses for four.

Well times were hard
Just let it brew
Do you take sugar?
One lump or two.

Milk from milk jug
Serve it proper
If you can’t do that
You needn’t bother.

But somehow those tea leaves
Made there way to the cup
My nan would read them
And tell me what’s up

So bring back the loose tea
For when someone calls
And if you don’t like them
Don’t strain it at all.

About the author

Pat Noon
1491 Up Votes
I am married, have two children, four grandchildren. I love writing, singing in a choir, spending time with my grandchildren, walking the dog and gardening. And not forgetting a nice holiday.

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