Our English Summer

Our English Summer

Crikey!  It ain’t ‘alf ‘ot outside an’ it’s only a quarter past nine
An’ our next door neighbour’s already got all her washing hung out on the line.
To be fair, I was woken at four meself as I heard yon church bells chime,
So I ‘ad to tek a peek outside at that blue sky and bright sunshine.

Those ruddy, woody pigeons coo and flap for all they’re worth,
They come an’ nick the sparrer’s seed to expand their plumping girth.
So wi’ bells an’ birds an’ sunshine heralding a summer morning birth,
I thowt as I’d best show willin’.. an’ greet our glowing golden earth.

You could mek a thousand sailors trousers from the blue in that blue sky
An’ only every now and then, wispy, white fluff floats on by.
“Aye, this is grand “ the folk all say… then the temperature rockets sky high.
Mad dogs and Englishmen go indoors, “ Ooh, it’s too flippin’ ‘ot!” they all cry.

The flowers wilt, the people wilt. They haven’t struck a bat.
Too ‘ot to work, too ‘ot to play. They’ve just sat..and sat..and sat.
As night draws in the thunder rolls, huge rain drops drip with a splat.
That WAS our English Summer an’ as they say “ Well,.. that were that!”

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Ex Thomas Cook manager, now retired, love travelling, reading, dining out and drinking wine!

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