Please Love And Hold Me Tight

I wrote this poem recently about dementia, in memory of my dear grandad who suffered terribly with this awful disease.  I shared it on the Alzheimer’s Society Facebook and Instagram page a couple of days ago and was so please with the reaction.  Pleased that so many people can relate and have commented, whereby now they may be able to get some much-needed help from the Alzheimers Society for them or their loved one, or maybe for a friend who is suffering in some way.  Just trying to spread awareness.

Please Love and Hold Me Tight

My mind’s changing but,
I’m trying to hold on
Why is this happening to me?
What did I do wrong?

I hope others don’t notice
That I’m not quite the same
Or see the panic in my eyes
When I forget their name

I’ve missed some appointments
Please don’t be mad at me
It wasn’t deliberate
I just forgot, you see

I can’t follow instructions
As well as I could before
With visual aids dotted around my home
Sticky notes on my front door

My nearest and dearest
Can see my minds in pain
I sense the pity in their eyes
I’m embarrassed and filled with shame

I’d built myself a good life
I fear I’m going to lose it all
I beg my wife and children
To catch me as I fall

I’m frightened for the future
I know I’ll lose this fight
My mind feels like it’s drowning
Please love and hold me tight.

©  Maxine Bailey

About the author

Maxine Bailey
764 Up Votes
I absolutely love writing poems. Enjoying my garden and my dogs. I used to be an Age UK Befriender, which I would thoroughly recommend to anybody. So rewarding

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