Rebel with claws

Rebel with Claws

He was the biggest ugly black and white cat,
His body was scared from years of combat.

For most of the day he just laid in the sun,
But as night time fell, his reign of terror began.

Stealthily he crept, movements so soft,
He’d run up the wire of the big pigeon loft.

Terrified bird shedding feathers all round,
With a feline grin he would drop to the ground.

The smell of Koi Carp he just couldn’t resist,
So a tasty fish supper was next on his list.

After cleaning his whiskers he moved on his way,
He gave the greenhouse, and sheds all a good spray.

He knew that the gardeners all wanted him dead,
So dug up their plants, and S**t in their sheds!

One of the neighbours had stalked him with a gun
But he just hid in the trees, and laughed at the fun!

He was biding his time, he knew in time he’d prevail
He would have it away, with his pedigree female!

He had offspring’s aplenty round and about,
Someone cut off his B***s, was a regular shout.

But no had one owned him; he lived by no laws,
The females all loved this ‘Rebel with Claws’

About the author

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I'm past my sell by date but still going strong, I love reading, gardening, writing and sketching, I live in a very small fishing town and love it. I was born in Coventry but city life was never for me, I have lived in lots of different places, but I am finally settled here (much to the relief of my husband)

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