Surely It’s Not Morning

Just a light hearted poem about sleeping, or not as the case may be!!

Surely It’s Not Morning!

It’s the middle of the night
And I lay here wide awake
I really should be sleeping
But I’m not, for goodness sake

All day I had been tired
My eyes, they felt like lead
But like magic I am wide awake
The moment I’m in bed

A thousand thoughts intruding
I try to shut them out
I’m going round in circles
Too much to think about

OK, so now I need a wee
There’s nothing I can do
There’s no way I can sleep now
Until I use the loo

Now back in bed and comfy
It’s time to sleep, I beg
Oh no, I don’t believe it!
I have cramp in my right leg

I rub my leg incessantly
You’ve guessed just how it goes
My leg cramp, yes it now subsides
But it’s moved down to my toes

Covers on, covers off
So hot and in a dither
Ten minutes later, my leg exposed
My body starts to shiver

Ok, so now I’m thirsty
So, I have a little drink
I really hope real soon
My mind to sleep will sink

I toss and turn for hours
At least that’s how it seems
The fleeting sleep I do achieve
Is shattered by bad dreams

At last, my mind has drifted
To a snug and pleasant sleep
But hang on, I can hear a noise
My alarm clock starts to beep!

That’s typical, I tell myself
My eyes now feel like lead
I could easily go back to sleep
But must face the day instead

© Maxine Bailey
August 2021


About the author

Maxine Bailey
1165 Up Votes
I absolutely love writing poems. Enjoying my garden and my dogs. I used to be an Age UK Befriender, which I would thoroughly recommend to anybody. So rewarding

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