The Wheelhouse

The Wheelhouse

A place of peace, a place of learning,
To sit and watch the seasons turning.
The sweetest space that you could find
My wheelhouse gives me peace of mind.

To sit and have a drink with friends,
And wonder where the journey ends.
Whether you’re safely moored at rest,
Or sailing hopeful East or West.

The sunlight on the water glances,
Then upon the ceiling dances.
Contentment making all things bright
Reflected in the waterlight.

When on watch or at the wheel
This little space can make you feel
Godlike in your mastery.
Always something new to see.

At sea, on lake or waterway,
Adventure beckons, come and play.
My little world, my precious space,
My comfort spot, my happy place.

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Artist and writer, retired seafarer. Author (with late husband Bill) of best selling "Sell Up and Sail" Cruised under sail nearly 100,00 miles until the age of 83.

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