Yeah! Right!

Yeah! Right!

Oh Dear! Her nails need clipping,
by the sound of the click, click, click.
I know she knows Iv’e noticed,
by the look on her face (pig sick).

I casually call her over,
might as well get it over and done,
but she gives me that  wary ‘I know’ look
as though I am holding a gun.

She comes within just short of grabbing,
and swiftly snatches the cake,
“Good gracious” I plead with Ria,
“come here for goodness sake”

Yeah! Right! her eyes plainly tell me,
Iv’e been down this road  before,
but first you have to catch me,
she’s an Exocet missile through the door.

We play the futile game of chasing.
just to see who tires first,
of course it’s a foregone conclusion.
It’s me, with lungs ready to burst.

The triumphant woof of “Iv’e won again”
and the look from two smug, smiley eyes.
as she gently flops and rolls over.
paws dangling, offered quietly, with sighs.

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Love horses and riding ,windswept beaches, quiet forests, driving, anywhere , people with a relaxed attitude and a sense of humour. allergic to chocolate ,but scoff winegums . Growing plants, but dislike proper gardening. Impulsive holiday taker .. need some pals, for coffee or chat. Total ditz with computers. ,but I do try. Live in South Yorks ,

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