Are you happy to get what you pay for when you fly?

Basic Economy class products on airlines such as soft drinks and luggage seem to be chargeable extras now on many airlines. 

It’s never been easier or more affordable to travel; there are dozens of budget, charter and national airlines offering cheap flights to popular destinations, while advances in technology mean you can fly more than halfway around the world on a single journey.

But for all the amazing advances, when it comes to passenger comfort, it can sometimes feel like things are going backwards. In an effort to compete on price, airlines are stripping away the things that once came as standard. Meals are often no longer served on shorter flights, drinks are rarely free, baggage and seat selection are an additional cost and cabins are packing in more and more seats to the same amount of space.

Some travellers believe this is a good thing – paid-for extras means those who are interested in keeping their costs as low as possible can only pay for what they use.

What do you think? Are you happy just to pay for whatever you use on airlines like baggage or meals onboard? Do you think air travel now is more affordable than ever? Would you prefer to go back to the old days when one price included all your extras as well?

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