Did series 6 Downton live up to your expectations?

So as the final series ever of Downton Abbey comes to a close, and we bid farewell to the Abbey, until the final episode on Christmas Day, many people across the country will be feeling sad. Or will they?

The final episode of Downton Abbey delivered a surprise wedding for Lady Mary Crawley but viewers were left outraged after her younger sister was denied her own happy ending.

Last night ‘poor Edith’ had her dreams shattered once again when her spiteful sister, Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery), ruined her chances with her beau by telling him about her secret lovechild.

The cruel turn of events angered viewers, prompting them to show their support on social media for the more good-hearted but permanently unlucky sibling by joining #teamedith.

Julian Fellows managed to cram full last nights extra-long instalment, and tied up five years of television history, and a decade-and-a-half of family saga, in a very fast story line. In the last 15 minutes or so, Lady Mary got hitched to Henry Talbot, thanks to a marriage licence he just happened to have in his waistcoat pocket, with a convenient bishop for an uncle to make an instant wedding all legal.

Did you enjoy the final episode?  Have you enjoyed the final series?  Will you be tuning in for the very last instalment on Christmas Day? If you could write the final script, what three key outcomes would you include? 

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