Do you have a Good Neighbour Scheme in your area?

Good Neighbours Network groups are all about people offering a helping hand to others in their local community.

Each group is different, but will often include transport assistance, social activities and a befriending scheme. Popular with volunteers for its flexibility and popular with people because they can rely on a trustworthy and friendly face.

The people who may need support may be the elderly, disabled, single parents and young mothers, those temporarily in need through illness or anyone who may be isolated within the community.

Good Neighbour Schemes are not there to replace the work done by Social Services and other professional care agencies. They operate and on a more personal level than many agency-led schemes, often starting as simple offers of help to an acquaintance in need. However, they can improve the quality of life of people living more isolated lives in rural communities.

The help offered by Good Neighbour Schemes may include:

• Providing transport for appointments, hospital visits or to Day Centres

• Errands, shopping or collecting prescriptions

• Preparing emergency meals

• Household tasks or gardening

• Visiting or befriending

• Letter-writing or form-filling

• Looking after or transporting children

• Helping people after discharge from hospital

• Giving carers a break

• Reading to partially sighted or blind people

• Providing information

Do you have a similar scheme in your neighbourhood?  Would you like to have a Good Neighbours Network, or be involved with one?

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