Do you use anti wrinkle cream?

In years gone by, when it came to beauty products, our grandmothers used Pond’s cold cream to do a whole range of tasks from cleansing to moisturising.

Pond's cold cream

Pond’s cold cream

Now over 50s women are apparently the biggest buyers of beauty products and this rise has been fuelled by the advertisers using real older ladies to promote their products, such as Dame Helen Mirren who is 69.

For the first time, it has been claimed, that the older age group have over taken the younger generation when it comes to spending money on their looks. The rise is thought to be down to marketing of anti-ageing products, and a realisation from brands and media that older women still care about their appearance.

According to recent research ‘Older women are much more likely nowadays to pay for premium products to help maintain a more youthful appearance.’

Do you spend much money on beauty products?  Do you buy own brand or premium products?  Do the men in your life use any anti ageing skin care products?

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