What goes first: milk or tea?

It’s an age-old debate. What goes first: milk or tea? 

There are strong arguments for both sides.

Many people insist tea must go first to achieve so you can tailor it to your preferences, whether you drink it strong or milky.

Even scientists have joined in on the debate. According to experiments by researchers at Loughborough University, putting the milk in second means it heats unevenly, sometimes affecting the taste and leading to the ‘film’ that sometimes forms. To preserve the taste, milk must go first.

While scientists think it should be milk first, Her Majesty the Queen is tea-first, and tea goes in the cup first at Buckingham Palace.

George Orwell famously said in his 1946 essay that tea first is best. Others insist milk-first is best so it doesn’t crack the crockery.

Where do you stand? Do you pour the milk into your cup first, or start with tea and add milk after? Have your say then share your stories in the comments below! 



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