Would you be happy with a driving curfew over the age of 70?

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) is reported to have held discussions with Driving Mobility, the network of driving assessment centres, about new rules for motorists over 70 years of age.

Under the proposals, drivers over 70 who are in poor health may be allowed to continue driving if they agree to abide by curfews and restrictions on how far they can travel.

The new ‘graduated driving licences’ could see drivers over 70, suffering with health problems, restricted to an area of just 20 or 30 miles from their home alongside a proposed ban on driving after dark.

Edward Trewhella, chief executive of Driving Mobility, said that many elderly drivers tend to stick to their local areas anyway when driving, so this process would regularise that, and make it legal for them to do so as long as they didn’t take a trip outside of an area or outside of a time restriction.’

At present, a driving licence expires when a motorist reaches the age of 70 and those who wish to stay on the road are required to contact the DVLA.

They must also make the organisation aware of any health conditions they have which could affect their safety behind the wheel – and a review is carried out every three years.

Would you be happy with a curfew if it meant you could keep your licence? Do you believe this would be a fair way of allowing over 70s in poor health to keep driving or do you think the current system should stay as it is?

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