Would you like to be categorised as ‘Mrs M&S’?

Marks and Spencer’s has a new boss and he has unveiled plans to revive the retailer’s clothing and homeware business.

Steve Rowe says he intends to lower clothing prices and improve style, fit and quality.

He also said that he would move the emphasis away from fashion to “stylish contemporary clothing”.

He said  “We’ve got a very clear idea who our customer is – Mrs M&S – we need to cherish and celebrate her and make sure we’re giving her exactly what she needs at the right time.”

Rowe says he wants to focus on “wooing” his target customer: a 50-something woman who (he says) visits the store 18 times a year, spending £28 on clothes each time.

So what about men and children?  Where do they feature in this strategy?

Are you a fan of M&S? How often do you visit? What do you generally shop there for? Do you shop in store, online or both? Can you turn around a brand by focusing on just one customer?

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