8 Online Courses for Lifelong Learners and Hobbyists

During lockdown, thousands of people have turned to home learning!

With the flexibility to create your own study schedule, home learning has provided the opportunity for lifelong learners to try something new. So, whether you’re passionate about gardening, writing a bestseller or grooming your dog into a Crufts champion, one of the following courses is sure to broaden your horizons…

1) Creative Writing

Everybody has a story to tell, but crafting it in a way that builds character, emotion, narrative hooks and beautiful prose takes a little bit of know-how. Once you learn how to master the essential elements of storytelling, you can craft your very own work of fiction.

An online creative writing course will give you the motivation to meet certain requirements, hone your skills and develop creative self-expression with the guidance of an expert tutor.

2) Make-up Artistry

The beauty industry celebrates the unique features of every individual; it highlights and draws attention to your most flattering parts, that’s why make-up is loved by women of all ages! Learning different make-up techniques is an artistic hobby in itself because you get to experiment with different ways to express your mood or style.

An online make-up diploma will teach you everything from expert skincare advice to learning how to sculpt, contour and glow. And once qualified, you can work as a freelance make-up artist!

3) Dog Grooming

Whether you’re aiming for Crufts or just want to save on dog grooming fees, learning how to groom your own dog has many advantages; it brings you closer to your pets whilst challenging your creative side too.

To be a dog groomer, you need to know all about the anatomy, fur-type and physiology of different dogs. You’ll also need to learn how to do a basic dog-health check and use grooming equipment whilst executing best dog-handling practices.

4) Retirement Planning

Getting ready for your retirement is more than financial planning, it involves all aspects of life, such as maintaining a healthy, active and fulfilled lifestyle; it’s about having a clear understanding of state and private pensions and finding the best way to make this both last and provide reward for you. This kind of information is best coming from a reputable and knowledgeable source.

5) Interior Design

Home, for many, means family, memories and love. It’s a safe space to call your own. But it should also be an extension of yourself – an expression of what you think defines you and your household members.

When you develop a strong understanding of colour palettes, patterns and textures, arranging furniture and designing your home can feel like restoring order to your life. It’s not just about beautiful décor; it’s about making the most of what you already have and saying goodbye to clutter and junk. The foundations of interior design will give you the power to transform your living space into your dream home.

6) Mindfulness

If you ever feel overwhelmed by a racing mind, you’re not alone. Mindfulness eases this by teaching you how to control your thoughts and breath by cultivating awareness. It has great health benefits too; mindfulness has been proven to lower blood pressure, relax muscles and reduce the risk of heart-disease. Learning about the key theories that mindful practices were built upon will help you master it.

7) Assessing & Teaching

Tutoring is an enjoyable and rewarding pursuit for retirement. Sharing your wisdom is one of the best ways to make a difference, and the support that you could offer younger people just starting out in their careers in priceless. You just need a qualification to assess or tutor from home and then you’re set.

8) Garden Design

Ideal for any gardening enthusiast, a garden design course will give you the knowledge to transform your land into a dreamy Eden for a fraction of the cost of a professional service. Learning the foundations is the first step. First you need to understand the needs of different plants, then discover tips for contemporary layouts, and finally master the upkeep of your grand design.



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